Yuki Nohira in Sins of Sister Lucia (1978)

Yuki Nohira raped in Sins of Sister LuciaTwo baddies force a nun (poor Yuki) into a chair and sexually assault her. One of them pulls down her habit to reveal her breasts and plays with them, biting her nipples and groping her while the other guy pulls off her panties and starts fucking her.

It all looks very awkward on the chair but they manage somehow and then the first guy makes her suck his cock before something strange happens — she says something in Japanese which makes them stop, looking very worried, before she starts to laugh. Yes, she actually laughs in the middle of being raped. The rapists pull up their pants immediately and leave as she cackles away a little insanely if you ask me. A very weird scene.

Nudity Report — Yuki’s tits are seen prominently during her assault.