Virginie Ledoyen in The Backwoods (2006)

Virginie Ledoyen raped in The BackwoodsSexy French beauty Virginie finds herself in trouble in this European horror movie.

A couple of baddies have broken into the holiday cabin she’s sharing with some friends. While one ransacks the place the other takes a shine to Virginie and, wielding a knife, rips open her shirt.

Then the fat, greasy thug stands behind her and feels up her body, groping her small breasts through her bra, before unbuckling the belt of her jeans and dragging them to the floor.

Holding the knife to her throat he tells her he’ll kill her unless she lets him have his way with her. He bends her over a table and places the knife on it before ripping off her panties and roughly penetrating her, fucking her as he holds her head against the table. She lies uncomfortably still, waiting for the sexual assault to end.

Nudity Report — When her underwear is torn off there’s a quick flash of Virginie’s hairy pussy and as she’s being raped her bra slips down revealing her left nipple.