Tara Reid in Body Shots (1999)

Tara Reid raped in Body ShotsSexy Tara and Jerry O’Connell have different versions of their sexual encounter. While Jerry maintains it was a consensual night of rough sex, Tara cries rape.

In this scene we see a flashback from Tara’s point of view. Jerry throws her on the bed and holds her from behind up against the headboard, which she grabs to keep her balance. He then reaches around and rips open her top, grabbing and mauling her breasts as she cries out for him to stop, before pulling aside her underwear and fucking her hard. All the while she tries to fight him off and is crying, but he relentlessly rapes her.

Nudity Report — There are excellent looks at Tara’s tits and nipples (before she ruined them with that ill-judged boob job) as Jerry tears her clothes off and paws them during the assault.