Tara Buckman in Silent Night, Deadly Night (1984)

Tara Buckman raped in Silent Night Deadly NightThere was a movie called Bad Santa starring Billy Bob Thornton and Bernie Mac a while back, but that dude had nothing on the nasty Santa seen in Silent Night, Deadly Night as he’s a murdering rapist.

In this scene he’s terrorising a young family. After shooting the father in the head he drags the mother onto the ground as she screams before sneering and ripping open her blouse, setting her huge breasts free. They bounce about as she slaps him, but he responds with a knockout punch and proceeds to rape her unconscious body while her young children cower in the corner. The evil douche bag then slits her throat and flees the scene.

Nudity Report — Tara’s got a big, sexy pair of tits and they are clearly seen as she struggles to fight off mean old Father Christmas.