Susan George: Straw Dogs (1971)

Susan George raped in Straw DogsSexy Susan plays the wife of geeky Dustin Hoffman in this controversial 70s movie that was banned for many years because of this rape scene. Not that it’s particularly violent or gruesome – far from it in fact. It’s because halfway through Susan starts to enjoy the assault and kisses the rapist back as he is her ex-boyfriend. Despite the fact she repeatedly says “No” as he forcibly undresses her, she seems to change her mind which lends credence to the fallacy that when women say no, they really mean yes.

She had also been leading him on in previous days by walking around her house topless knowing full well he can see her breasts when he’s working outside, as he’s been hired by Hoffman to do some building work.

Nudity Report – Susan’s lovely tits are visible when her blouse and bra are ripped off.