Stephanie Lugo: Life Is Hot in Cracktown (2009)

Stephanie Lugo in Life Is Hot in CracktownThis movie about a drug-riddled inner city community opens with the brutal gang-rape of sexy Latina Stephanie Lugo.

Finding herself amongst a gang of four black kids high on crack, she is pushed onto a mattress and has her clothes stripped from her body as she protests. Then the leader climbs on top of her and starts to fuck her as she screams out and swears at him. After the assault she thinks her ordeal is over, but then another gang member grabs her, flips her over and starts to have sex with her doggy style. She holds her big breasts with one arm as she tries to stop them swaying and humiliating her even more, but to no avail.

In a final act of degradation, just as they are about to leave one of the nasty rapists pisses on Stephanie as she lies curled up in the feotal position. What an asshole scumbag.

Nudity Report — There are excellent views of Stephanie’s magnificent tits and also her juicy ass as she has her clothes and underwear ripped from her body, and again while she is gang-banged.