Sara Paxton: The Last House on the Left (2009)

Sara Paxton raped in Last House on the LeftThis Hollywood remake of the disturbing 1972 horror stars pretty Sara Paxton as a young woman who falls in with the wrong crowd and is eventually dragged out to the woods with her friend to be raped and murdered.

The rape scene is hard to watch as a redneck asshole — urged on by his bitch of a girlfriend — throws Sara face down in the dirt and rips down her pants and underwear. As the bitch girlfriend holds her legs down, the rapist penetrates her from behind (it’s unclear whether it’s a vaginal or ass rape) as she lies as still as she can, whimpering and looking over to where her friend lies unconscious besides her.

Nudity Report — Sara’s bare butt is seen when the rapist pulls off her panties and throughout her assault.