Noomi Rapace: Daisy Diamond (2007)

Noomi Rapace raped in Daisy DiamondNoomi plays a struggling actress in this moody Danish film and in this scene she is accosted by a blonde guy in what looks like an abandoned warehouse. He grabs her from behind, fishhooks her, tears down her pants and lifts her sweater before dragging her to the ground while she cries and protests. Finally he rapes her while holding her face down.

Except he doesn’t actually rape her, because then the director yells “Cut!” and the camera pulls back to reveal it was just an audition. The actors quickly pull their clothes back on, but they acted well as it looks like any other rape scene before the director’s intrusion.

Nudity Report – Noomi shows her small breasts, butt and a huge bush as she’s stripped during the ‘assault’.

Noomi Rapace: Girl with the Dragon Tattoo (2009)

Noomi Rapace raped in Girl with the Dragon TattooNoomi is gagged and tied to the bed by an older man in this disturbing scene. He then calmly takes off his trousers while she tries to scream for help before climbing on top of her and raping poor Noomi in the ass.

Nudity Report – Her ass can be seen when he rips off her panties and fucks her.