Melissa Leo in Silent Witness (1985)

Melissa Leo raped in Silent WitnessA group of drunk guys in a bar take a fancy to the town tramp and decide to rape her there and then in full view of everybody. One of them picks her up and throws her down on a table while another starts tearing off her clothes as she screams for them to stop.

Another guy has a baseball bat and is waving it around menacingly at the other customers, causing them to make like cowards and leave. Even the bartender turns away sheepishly, too scared to help poor Melissa as she is forced to fuck the scumbags. Sound a bit like The Accused? It’s a very similar plot.

The only people willing to help are a young couple at the bar. The guy thinks they are fooling around at first but when he realises Melissa’s really being raped he eventually works up the nerve to challenge them, but it’s too late, he’s outnumbered anyway and they brush him off, taking turns at poor Melissa.

Nudity Report — Melissa’s breasts are seen as she’s held down on the table and her shirt is ripped off, allowing her tits to bounce free and the rapists to grope them as they have forced sex her.