Me Me Lai in Eaten Alive (1980)

Me Me Lai raped in Eaten AliveThis horror movie about a tribe of cannibals features a lot of nudity from its female cast, including two rape scenes.

The one featuring Burmese beauty Me Me comes about because she broke the law and the village elders decide her punishment is to be publicly gang-raped in front of the entire village. Hmmm, strange justice system they have there.

So she is forced to lay on her back completely naked on what looks like a bed of ash as, one by one, the male tribesmen fuck her. A couple of them have a glint in their eye although they don’t take long about it, 30 seconds or so, before the next one is up. Meanwhile all the villagers — men and women — look on as Me Me is assaulted and humiliated.

Nudity Report — Her bush and big breasts are on show the whole time as the men rape her pretty pussy.