Lauren Lee Smith in One Way (2006)

Lauren Lee Smith raped in One WayWhen Lauren goes back to her office late one night after forgetting something there, she bumps into her boss’ nasty son. Realising they are alone, he takes advantage of the situation and taunts her about her affair with a married man that he knows about. As she feels uncomfortable and tries to leave, he blocks her exit and throws her to the floor. The brute then tears open her shirt, lifts her skirt and roughly rapes her on the office floor while she screams and cries.

Just when she thinks her ordeal is over, he forces her onto all fours and starts to fuck her up the ass as she screams again. At least later in the movie she gets her revenge by fucking him up the ass with a strap on! Yes really! You go girl!

Nudity Report — The rapist leaves Lauren relatively well clothed during her assault, but her bra does slip at one point allowing us a good view of her left nipple.