Grace Park: Battlestar Galactica (2003)

Grace Park raped in Battlestar GalacticaThe remake of Battlestar Galactica didn’t feature much nudity, but it did deal with the issue of rape in one particular episode. Lt. Sharon Valerii (better known as Boomer) is the victim of an attempted gang rape by two thugs who are trying to prise information from her and resort to sexual violence as a means to make her talk.

The baddies are stopped just in time when two soldiers rush in and attack the rapist. In the extended DVD version though, an alternate scene is included which shows Sharon penetrated for a few seconds before the rapist is fought off. The producers went with the failed rape in the TV show but included the actual rape as an extra.

Nudity Report – Grace’s ass is seen for a few seconds as her pants and underwear are ripped down.