Elizabeth Hurley: Sharpe’s Enemy (1994)

Elizabeth Hurley attempted rape in Sharpes EnemyAt about the time when Liz Hurley hit the headlines for wearing a stunning Versace dress, this British mini-series was aired. Set in the Napoleonic wars, it starred Sean Bean and his love interest was the beautiful and stacked Miss Hurley.

In this scene baddie Pete Postlethwaite hauls Elizabeth off her horse and drags her to the ground, where he leaps upon her to try and rape her. He grabs her breast and tries to kiss her as she struggles, but before he can go any further some cavalrymen arrive to stop him carrying out his sexual assault on the fair maiden.

Nudity Report — Postlethwaite is rough with Hurley during the attempted rape and her low-cut dress struggles to keep her breasts hidden. As such both her nipples slip tantalizingly out of her top as she tries to fight her would-be rapist off.