Anne Marivin in Truands (2007)

Anne Marivin raped in TruandsA vicious French gangster terrorises sexy Anne in this uncomfortable scene, violently trying to get information out of her by slapping her and throwing her to the ground.

She doesn’t know what he wants so he decides to punish her by raping her. Ripping off her black party dress to expose her small breasts, he starts to unbutton his pants as she cries. Lying there completely naked except for her stockings, the pretty blonde pleads with him to stop as he kisses her and then violently fucks her, brutally thrusting his cock inside her but only lasting a few strokes before cumming and collapsing on top of her.

He eventually gets up, snorts a line of coke, shouts at her some more and leaves her traumatised and violated.

Nudity Report — Anne’s tiny breasts, hot slim body and pussy are visible and well lit just before the rapist enters her. Then after the rape her naked body is again shown a couple of times.