Shion Machida in Paradise (2005)

Shion Machida raped in ParadiseSexy Japanese actress Shion is on the beach in this scene, but although it’s raining, that’s the least of her worries as she’s being attacked by a horny rapist.

The scumbag has her pinned to the sand and spends a few seconds trying to rip open her shirt and lift up her bra, which he finally does, releasing her firm, perky tits. Shion frees herself momentarily and tries to crawl to safety but he grabs her, lifts her skirt and pulls down her panties.

He then pulls down his own pants as she gives up struggling and lies motionless as he roughly fucks her for a minute or so, reaching around to grab her breasts as he cums inside her violated pussy.

Nudity Report — Shion’s ass and boobs are seen in this frantic scene.