Selma Blair in The Killing Gene (2007)

Selma Blair raped in The Killing GeneSexy Selma gets totally naked in this gruesome rape scene that’s difficult to watch.

A gang of thugs break into Selma’s house and terrorise her mother, making her watch as they strip and beat poor Selma. She screams as they spank Selma’s butt before bending her over a chair and fucking her. Nude Selma is bleeding as the scumbags work her over with their fists as well as their cocks, finally ramming a wine glass up her ass as their final degrading act.

Nudity Report — This is a disturbing scene that doesn’t even contain much nudity, so you may want to skip it if you don’t have the stomach. However, there are brief looks at Selma’s tiny tits and pert ass to be had.