Sabine Ironheart: Rossa Venezia (2003)

Sabine Ironheart raped in Rossa VeneziaLying nude on a bed in her prison cell, Sabine has a fitful sleep as she has a nightmare which the director keeps cutting to in black and white. It depicts her chained to a wall standing up while a sexy lesbian jailor runs her truncheon all over Sabine’s naked body, caressing her big breasts and bald, shaved pussy.

Then she penetrates Sabine with the truncheon as she cries out in pain, but the lesbian keeps pushing it in and out of her pussy, raping her with it before Sabine wakes up in a cold sweat.

Nudity Report — Sabine’s large tits and very erect nipples are shown throughout, while there’s a long, close-up view of her shaved beaver as she is sexually assaulted with the stick.