Petra Quednau in Dämonenbrut (2000)

Petra Quednau raped in DamonenbrutThe setting for this low-budget horror movie is a remote island which a group of Germans happen upon, unaware it’s inhabited by horny creatures with slimy tentacles which apparently like to rape beautiful women.

One by one the hot ladies are assaulted and in this explicit scene it’s the turn of Petra. Knocked to the ground by the creature, it uses one tentacle to pin her down while another stuffs itself in her mouth. Meanwhile another tentacle works its way down her naked body, caressing her breasts before finding her pussy and worming its way inside whereupon it proceeds to rhythmically fuck her.

Nudity Report — We see very inch of Petra’s nude body, from those big tits to her nicely trimmed hairy pussy as the tentacle explores it.