Toni Nero in Silent Night, Deadly Night (1984)

Toni Nero raped in Silent Night Deadly NightToni is in the basement when a man in a santa costume goes down to join her. She greets him warmly for she doesn’t realise he has bad intentions, but when he lurches towards her and rips open her blouse, she is shocked and backs off into a corner. Bad santa then reveals the knife he’s carrying and she screams out, but quick as a flash he knocks her to the floor and forces himself on her, kissing and squeezing her young, firm breasts.

Nudity Report — Sexy Toni looks hot as she stands there with her boobs showing and the camera focuses on her nubile body during the rape.

Katherine Moffat in The Beast Within (1982)

Katherine Moffat raped in The Beast WithinA half-man, half-beast type creature is terrorising a neighborhood with its insatiable appetite to rape pretty women. In this scene it chooses sexy Katherine as its victim and knocks her to the ground in the woods. While she’s unconscious it strips off her clothes and fucks her, hardly breaking stroke even when she wakes up and screams. He eventually finishes and leaves her to be discovered by a group of hunters who come running when they hear the screams, but arrive too late.

Nudity Report — Katherine’s breasts and pussy are seen both when she’s stripped and then again when the hunters find her post-rape.

Me Me Lai in Eaten Alive (1980)

Me Me Lai raped in Eaten AliveThis horror movie about a tribe of cannibals features a lot of nudity from its female cast, including two rape scenes.

The one featuring Burmese beauty Me Me comes about because she broke the law and the village elders decide her punishment is to be publicly gang-raped in front of the entire village. Hmmm, strange justice system they have there.

So she is forced to lay on her back completely naked on what looks like a bed of ash as, one by one, the male tribesmen fuck her. A couple of them have a glint in their eye although they don’t take long about it, 30 seconds or so, before the next one is up. Meanwhile all the villagers — men and women — look on as Me Me is assaulted and humiliated.

Nudity Report — Her bush and big breasts are on show the whole time as the men rape her pretty pussy.

Heather Taylor in Kill the Scream Queen (2004)

Heather Taylor raped in Kill the Scream QueenThis low-budget, low-quality shocker contains plenty of nudity from its female cast as a murderer goes on the rampage torturing and raping his female victims.

In this scene he has sexy Heather tied to a table topless and spread-eagled as he makes his way to her brandishing a knife. He runs it threateningly up and down her body before discarding it and pulling off her panties to leave her fully nude. The director lingers on her sensational body as the baddie fondles her breasts before fucking her as she screams through her gag.

Nudity Report — Heather’s hot body is shown gratuitously in this scene with her nubile boobs the focal point.

Selma Blair in The Killing Gene (2007)

Selma Blair raped in The Killing GeneSexy Selma gets totally naked in this gruesome rape scene that’s difficult to watch.

A gang of thugs break into Selma’s house and terrorise her mother, making her watch as they strip and beat poor Selma. She screams as they spank Selma’s butt before bending her over a chair and fucking her. Nude Selma is bleeding as the scumbags work her over with their fists as well as their cocks, finally ramming a wine glass up her ass as their final degrading act.

Nudity Report — This is a disturbing scene that doesn’t even contain much nudity, so you may want to skip it if you don’t have the stomach. However, there are brief looks at Selma’s tiny tits and pert ass to be had.

Andrea Feldman in Trash (1970)

Andrea Feldman raped in TrashHot 70s babe Andrea bites off more than she can chew when she finds herself alone with junkie Joe in his run-down apartment.

He decides he wants sex so he tears off her clothes while she protests and flips her on her back. Positioning himself between her long bare legs, he starts to rape her as the director zooms in on Andrea’s sexy body.

Nudity Report — Plenty of good looks at Andrea’s nice breasts and also her pussy just before scumbag Joe sticks his dick in her.