Manuela Velles: Kidnapped (2010)

Manuela Velles raped in KidnappedThis gritty drama tells the story of a gang who invade the home of a Spanish family and tie up the mother (Manuela) and her daughter before marching the father to the ATM so they can withdraw his money.

Left behind to guard the girls, one of the kidnappers gets frisky and decides to fuck Manuela. He strips off his pants and underwear (warning — his flapping dick can be seen) and tries to strip her, getting as far as her panties as she struggles and wails. Finally he knocks her hard to the ground and she stops fighting back, allowing him to finally rape her.

Nudity Report — Manuela writhing about in her underwear is as nude as this scene gets, although there is of course the rapist’s cock to be seen.