Malisa Longo in Ricco the Mean Machine (1973)

Malisa Longo raped in Ricco the Mean Machine70s Italian sex symbol Malisa showed a lot of flesh in this crime thiller, especially in this scene which sees her raped by a group of hired thugs.

They are acting on the orders of their boss who is bent on revenge against a former pal of his who double crossed him and stole his girlfriend Malisa. He cannot forgive Malisa and decides her punishment will be a gang rape while he takes care of his former friend.

So these four guys grab hold of a screaming Malisa, rip off all her clothes and carry her to a bed for some forced sex.

Nudity Report — Malisa’s breasts are on show as her shirt is torn from her body and they bounce and sway as she struggles to fight her assailants off — a struggle she loses.