Lisa Temple: Henry, Portrait of a Serial Killer (1986)

Lisa Temple raped in Henry: Portrait of a Serial KillerThis is one of the most controversial movies of the 80s and with good reason, depicting as it does graphic scenes of rape and murder as psychotic Henry and his delinquent brother-in-law go on a killing spree, video-taping their crimes.

In this scene they are calmly sitting on the sofa watching back their latest kill on video. It’s a disturbing scene as Henry tapes his partner drag Lisa to a chair and rip her blouse off before lifting her bra and groping her breasts. Henry pans round to show Lisa’s tied up husband struggling on the floor and then kills him before focusing on Lisa again as his bro tears off her panythose and rapes her. This is rough stuff folks, but remember it’s only a movie.

Nudity Report — Lisa’s tits are seen as her bra is torn off and her attacker plays with her small boobs.