Karen Lancaume: Baise Moi (2000)

Karen Lancaume raped in Baise MoiThis controversial French movie contains one of the most graphic rape scenes in cinematic history. The director hired two porn stars to play the victims because the scene contains real sex. The girls are taken to an empty garage and raped by two assholes. One of the baddies roughly throws Karen Lancaume onto the hood of a car, beats her around the face and then rips off her shirt, pulls up her bra and rubs her breasts. He then pulls off her pants and underwear while she cries and screams before inserting his cock into her pussy for real (no acting here). Then he switches places with his mate, who had been raping Rafaella Anderson on the floor nearby.

Nudity Report – There is real sex from Karen, whose ass, breasts and pussy are seen. There’s a close up of the actor pushing his cock into her pussy as they had real sex to make the harrowing scene more authentic.