Jan Sisk: Northville Cemetery Massacre (1976)

Jan Sisk raped in Northville CemeteryPretty slim brunette Jan is literally enjoying a roll in the hay with her boyfriend as they have sex in a barn. They are both naked when two cops burst in on them and order them to stand up. The boyfriend foolishly tries to punch one of the cops, who retaliates by beating him with the butt of his rifle.

By now Jan has put on her shirt and grabbed a pitchfork to fend off the no-good cops, who have decided to have a little fun of their own with poor Jan. She is easily overpowered and the cop pins her to the ground, rips off her shirt and rapes her while her boyfriend lies unconscious and helpless.

Nudity Report – Jan shows her sweet little breasts, ass and there’s also a quick flash of pussy as she struggles to fight off her attackers.