Frankie Thorn: Bad Lieutenant (1992)

Frankie Thorn raped in Bad LieutenantTwo scumbags break into a church and rape nun Frankie Thorn in this rape scene which courted controversy because of the depiction of such a vile act against a woman of god.

Frankie is no ordinary nun and her attractiveness makes it seem less realistic and therefore controversial. She screams “No!” repeatedly as the guys rip off her habit and pull down her panties before flipping her over, holding her down and gang raping her from behind. There’s a suggestion of anal rape, although it’s hard to tell for sure.

Nudity Report – There is an extreme close-up of redhead Frankie’s natural bush and then her ass as she’s turned over. There’s a good look at her big breasts later in the movie when she is being checked out at hospital and ‘Bad Lieutenant’ Harvey Keitel is peeping into her hospital room getting an eyeful.