Heather Taylor in Kill the Scream Queen (2004)

Heather Taylor raped in Kill the Scream QueenThis low-budget, low-quality shocker contains plenty of nudity from its female cast as a murderer goes on the rampage torturing and raping his female victims.

In this scene he has sexy Heather tied to a table topless and spread-eagled as he makes his way to her brandishing a knife. He runs it threateningly up and down her body before discarding it and pulling off her panties to leave her fully nude. The director lingers on her sensational body as the baddie fondles her breasts before fucking her as she screams through her gag.

Nudity Report — Heather’s hot body is shown gratuitously in this scene with her nubile boobs the focal point.

Yuki Nohira in Sins of Sister Lucia (1978)

Yuki Nohira raped in Sins of Sister LuciaTwo baddies force a nun (poor Yuki) into a chair and sexually assault her. One of them pulls down her habit to reveal her breasts and plays with them, biting her nipples and groping her while the other guy pulls off her panties and starts fucking her.

It all looks very awkward on the chair but they manage somehow and then the first guy makes her suck his cock before something strange happens — she says something in Japanese which makes them stop, looking very worried, before she starts to laugh. Yes, she actually laughs in the middle of being raped. The rapists pull up their pants immediately and leave as she cackles away a little insanely if you ask me. A very weird scene.

Nudity Report — Yuki’s tits are seen prominently during her assault.

Petra Quednau in Dämonenbrut (2000)

Petra Quednau raped in DamonenbrutThe setting for this low-budget horror movie is a remote island which a group of Germans happen upon, unaware it’s inhabited by horny creatures with slimy tentacles which apparently like to rape beautiful women.

One by one the hot ladies are assaulted and in this explicit scene it’s the turn of Petra. Knocked to the ground by the creature, it uses one tentacle to pin her down while another stuffs itself in her mouth. Meanwhile another tentacle works its way down her naked body, caressing her breasts before finding her pussy and worming its way inside whereupon it proceeds to rhythmically fuck her.

Nudity Report — We see very inch of Petra’s nude body, from those big tits to her nicely trimmed hairy pussy as the tentacle explores it.

Sadie Atkins: Black Ice (2009)

Sadie Atkins raped in Black IceThis erotic horror features a lesbian rape scene as sadistic psycho JC Howe kidnaps poor Sadie and uses her lovely body to satisfy her depraved lust.

With her hands bound and a ball-gag in her mouth, Sadie lies nude and helpless on the bed as JC (also naked except for a strap-on) taunts her. Sadie’s whimpering turns into urgent cries when JC pulls her onto her knees and starts to fuck her doggy-style with the strap-on.

Nudity Report — We see more nudity from the rapist than the victim as JC’s big breasts bounce around as she has sex with her victim. Sadie’s tits and ass are also seen prior to her ordeal.

Sabine Ironheart: Rossa Venezia (2003)

Sabine Ironheart raped in Rossa VeneziaLying nude on a bed in her prison cell, Sabine has a fitful sleep as she has a nightmare which the director keeps cutting to in black and white. It depicts her chained to a wall standing up while a sexy lesbian jailor runs her truncheon all over Sabine’s naked body, caressing her big breasts and bald, shaved pussy.

Then she penetrates Sabine with the truncheon as she cries out in pain, but the lesbian keeps pushing it in and out of her pussy, raping her with it before Sabine wakes up in a cold sweat.

Nudity Report — Sabine’s large tits and very erect nipples are shown throughout, while there’s a long, close-up view of her shaved beaver as she is sexually assaulted with the stick.

Ellen Sandweiss: The Evil Dead (1981)

Ellen Sandweiss raped in The Evil DeadThis infamous rape scene sees Ellen raped by a tree. Yes, you read that right. Using its branches to tie Ellen down, the supernatural tree ties her hands, rips open her blouse and forces her legs apart. Then the biggest branch penetrates her as she screams.

The scene then cuts to Ellen running away through the woods having somehow extrapolated herself from the evil oak, only to discover that whatever demon possessed the tree is now chasing her. Thankfully she makes it to a nearby cabin before she is caught.

Nudity Report — Ellen’s breasts are seen during the rape, although it’s dark and blurry as she struggles.