Naomi Tani in Wife to Be Sacrificed (1974)

Naomi Tani raped in Wife to Be SacrificedThis kinky Japanese film stars Naomi as the titular wife who is kidnapped by her own husband and kept captive as his sexual plaything.

Unfortunately hubby is into some very weird stuff like wax and bondage which repulses Naomi at first, but she learns to love it.

What she doesn’t love though is when a couple of thieves happen upon them in the middle of a sex game, knock out her husband and chase her through the woods so they can fuck her. Naomi runs and fights valiantly in a long, drawn out scene, but is finally tackled to the ground and overpowered.

What remains of her clothing is ripped off and the bondage ropes she’s wearing are cut off by the horny thieves, who grope her big breasts and finger her exposed pussy before they take turns raping her as she screams. Her husband meanwhile lies unconscious and unable to rescue her…

Nudity Report — Sexy Naomi’s tits, ass and pussy are all visible in this lengthy rape scene.

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Bibi Besch in The Beast Within (1982)

Bibi Besch raped in The Beast WithinSexy brunette Bibi is snatched by a non-human monster and dragged into the woods where it strips off her clothes and rapes her. Hours later Bibi’s body is discovered but miraculously she survived the assault and is taken to hospital to recuperate.

She eventually recovers but finds she is pregnant and decides to have the child, which although normal at first turns into the same kind of rape-obsessed creature as his dad many years later…

Nudity Report — Bibi’s breasts are shown in close up as her shirt is ripped open and then again when she’s discovered unconscious. As she’s carried away completely naked her ass and tits are visible.

Andrea Rau in The Hostess Also Likes to Blow the Horn (1970)

Andrea Rau raped in The Hostess Also Likes to Blow the Horn (1970)Andrea and her lover are making love naked in the back of a carriage when a group of soldiers happen upon them. They haul her man out and start beating him up as Andrea takes off completely nude, running for her life through the forest as some of the soldiers give chase.

She eventually loses her bearings and runs right into the leader, who grabs her and throws her to the ground, chuckling as his soldiers hold her down. He then gets on top of her while she cries out and fucks her roughly, groping her small breasts as he rapes her.

Nudity Report — There’s a great look at her pussy and tits when she runs off naked and then another clear view of her boobs as she is assaulted.

Manuela Velles: Kidnapped (2010)

Manuela Velles raped in KidnappedThis gritty drama tells the story of a gang who invade the home of a Spanish family and tie up the mother (Manuela) and her daughter before marching the father to the ATM so they can withdraw his money.

Left behind to guard the girls, one of the kidnappers gets frisky and decides to fuck Manuela. He strips off his pants and underwear (warning — his flapping dick can be seen) and tries to strip her, getting as far as her panties as she struggles and wails. Finally he knocks her hard to the ground and she stops fighting back, allowing him to finally rape her.

Nudity Report — Manuela writhing about in her underwear is as nude as this scene gets, although there is of course the rapist’s cock to be seen.

Lone Fleming: Tombs of the Blind Dead (1971)

Lone Fleming raped in Tombs of the Blind DeadA baddie kidnaps Lone and takes her to a graveyard at night, whereupon he lays her down, rips open her blouse and reveals her breasts. Then he grabs her boobs and kisses them as she screams, before pulling up her skirt, ripping down her underwear and fucking her. She lies motionless during the rape and lets her attacker have his way with her body.

Nudity Report — Lorne’s tits are seen in close-up as they are groped and fondled by the rapist.