Toni Nero in Silent Night, Deadly Night (1984)

Toni Nero raped in Silent Night Deadly NightToni is in the basement when a man in a santa costume goes down to join her. She greets him warmly for she doesn’t realise he has bad intentions, but when he lurches towards her and rips open her blouse, she is shocked and backs off into a corner. Bad santa then reveals the knife he’s carrying and she screams out, but quick as a flash he knocks her to the floor and forces himself on her, kissing and squeezing her young, firm breasts.

Nudity Report — Sexy Toni looks hot as she stands there with her boobs showing and the camera focuses on her nubile body during the rape.

Katherine Moffat in The Beast Within (1982)

Katherine Moffat raped in The Beast WithinA half-man, half-beast type creature is terrorising a neighborhood with its insatiable appetite to rape pretty women. In this scene it chooses sexy Katherine as its victim and knocks her to the ground in the woods. While she’s unconscious it strips off her clothes and fucks her, hardly breaking stroke even when she wakes up and screams. He eventually finishes and leaves her to be discovered by a group of hunters who come running when they hear the screams, but arrive too late.

Nudity Report — Katherine’s breasts and pussy are seen both when she’s stripped and then again when the hunters find her post-rape.

Lauren Lee Smith in One Way (2006)

Lauren Lee Smith raped in One WayWhen Lauren goes back to her office late one night after forgetting something there, she bumps into her boss’ nasty son. Realising they are alone, he takes advantage of the situation and taunts her about her affair with a married man that he knows about. As she feels uncomfortable and tries to leave, he blocks her exit and throws her to the floor. The brute then tears open her shirt, lifts her skirt and roughly rapes her on the office floor while she screams and cries.

Just when she thinks her ordeal is over, he forces her onto all fours and starts to fuck her up the ass as she screams again. At least later in the movie she gets her revenge by fucking him up the ass with a strap on! Yes really! You go girl!

Nudity Report — The rapist leaves Lauren relatively well clothed during her assault, but her bra does slip at one point allowing us a good view of her left nipple.

Sara Paxton: The Last House on the Left (2009)

Sara Paxton raped in Last House on the LeftThis Hollywood remake of the disturbing 1972 horror stars pretty Sara Paxton as a young woman who falls in with the wrong crowd and is eventually dragged out to the woods with her friend to be raped and murdered.

The rape scene is hard to watch as a redneck asshole — urged on by his bitch of a girlfriend — throws Sara face down in the dirt and rips down her pants and underwear. As the bitch girlfriend holds her legs down, the rapist penetrates her from behind (it’s unclear whether it’s a vaginal or ass rape) as she lies as still as she can, whimpering and looking over to where her friend lies unconscious besides her.

Nudity Report — Sara’s bare butt is seen when the rapist pulls off her panties and throughout her assault.

Olivia Williams: The Heart of Me (2002)

Olivia Williams raped in The Heart of MeEnglish actress Olivia Williams is best known for her role as Bruce Willis’ wife in The Sixth Sense (1999). In this movie she plays the wife of baddie Paul Bettany, who forces her to have sex with him in this scene depicting marital rape. Bettany holds her down, rips open her blouse, pulls up her skirt and fucks her while she protests to no avail.

Nudity Report – Olivia’s erect nipple is seen when her small right breast is bared by her vicious husband.

Susan George: Straw Dogs (1971)

Susan George raped in Straw DogsSexy Susan plays the wife of geeky Dustin Hoffman in this controversial 70s movie that was banned for many years because of this rape scene. Not that it’s particularly violent or gruesome – far from it in fact. It’s because halfway through Susan starts to enjoy the assault and kisses the rapist back as he is her ex-boyfriend. Despite the fact she repeatedly says “No” as he forcibly undresses her, she seems to change her mind which lends credence to the fallacy that when women say no, they really mean yes.

She had also been leading him on in previous days by walking around her house topless knowing full well he can see her breasts when he’s working outside, as he’s been hired by Hoffman to do some building work.

Nudity Report – Susan’s lovely tits are visible when her blouse and bra are ripped off.