Malisa Longo in Ricco the Mean Machine (1973)

Malisa Longo raped in Ricco the Mean Machine70s Italian sex symbol Malisa showed a lot of flesh in this crime thiller, especially in this scene which sees her raped by a group of hired thugs.

They are acting on the orders of their boss who is bent on revenge against a former pal of his who double crossed him and stole his girlfriend Malisa. He cannot forgive Malisa and decides her punishment will be a gang rape while he takes care of his former friend.

So these four guys grab hold of a screaming Malisa, rip off all her clothes and carry her to a bed for some forced sex.

Nudity Report — Malisa’s breasts are on show as her shirt is torn from her body and they bounce and sway as she struggles to fight her assailants off — a struggle she loses.

Candice Lewald in Gutterballs (2008)

Candice Lewald raped in GutterballsTwo rival teenage gangs are the focus of this horror movie and this scene is set in a bowling alley, where Candice is setting the pulses of the other gang racing thanks to her combination of mini skirt and no panties.

So when she finds herself alone for a moment the other gang attack her. Having been made horny by her slutty outfit and actions all night, the guys relish the chance of fucking her and brutally throw her onto a pool table, knocking the wind out of her. As she lies helpless and unable to move, her shirt is ripped open, unveiling her big, fake tits. Then one of the horndogs positions himself between her legs, gropes her breasts and starts to fuck her.

Candice grips the side of the table and tries to fight her attackers off but she’s too weak. The others cheer him on before they swap positions until all of them have gang raped her in this long scene.

Nudity Report — She has obviously plastic boobs which are ridiculously solid and round, but if you don’t mind that she is a hot lady worth seeing topless.

Me Me Lai in Eaten Alive (1980)

Me Me Lai raped in Eaten AliveThis horror movie about a tribe of cannibals features a lot of nudity from its female cast, including two rape scenes.

The one featuring Burmese beauty Me Me comes about because she broke the law and the village elders decide her punishment is to be publicly gang-raped in front of the entire village. Hmmm, strange justice system they have there.

So she is forced to lay on her back completely naked on what looks like a bed of ash as, one by one, the male tribesmen fuck her. A couple of them have a glint in their eye although they don’t take long about it, 30 seconds or so, before the next one is up. Meanwhile all the villagers — men and women — look on as Me Me is assaulted and humiliated.

Nudity Report — Her bush and big breasts are on show the whole time as the men rape her pretty pussy.

Melissa Leo in Silent Witness (1985)

Melissa Leo raped in Silent WitnessA group of drunk guys in a bar take a fancy to the town tramp and decide to rape her there and then in full view of everybody. One of them picks her up and throws her down on a table while another starts tearing off her clothes as she screams for them to stop.

Another guy has a baseball bat and is waving it around menacingly at the other customers, causing them to make like cowards and leave. Even the bartender turns away sheepishly, too scared to help poor Melissa as she is forced to fuck the scumbags. Sound a bit like The Accused? It’s a very similar plot.

The only people willing to help are a young couple at the bar. The guy thinks they are fooling around at first but when he realises Melissa’s really being raped he eventually works up the nerve to challenge them, but it’s too late, he’s outnumbered anyway and they brush him off, taking turns at poor Melissa.

Nudity Report — Melissa’s breasts are seen as she’s held down on the table and her shirt is ripped off, allowing her tits to bounce free and the rapists to grope them as they have forced sex her.

Cheryl Grunwald: A Clockwork Orange (1971)

Cheryl Grunwald raped in A Clockwork OrangeMalcolm McDowell is forced to watch a number of distressing scenes in a strange effort to cure him of his violent, sadistic predeliction to rape and sexual violence. The camera cuts frequently between him and the images he’s being shown and this particular scene is of a hot Cheryl being held down and gang-raped on the grass by a group of horny guys. she is wearing a red wig and wriggling about trying to free herself as the men descend upon her like a hungry pack of wolves, pawing her breasts and taking it in turns to force themselves inside her.

Nudity Report — Cheryl’s sexy breasts and pert ass are seen clearly during her struggle to stop them raping her.

Stephanie Lugo: Life Is Hot in Cracktown (2009)

Stephanie Lugo in Life Is Hot in CracktownThis movie about a drug-riddled inner city community opens with the brutal gang-rape of sexy Latina Stephanie Lugo.

Finding herself amongst a gang of four black kids high on crack, she is pushed onto a mattress and has her clothes stripped from her body as she protests. Then the leader climbs on top of her and starts to fuck her as she screams out and swears at him. After the assault she thinks her ordeal is over, but then another gang member grabs her, flips her over and starts to have sex with her doggy style. She holds her big breasts with one arm as she tries to stop them swaying and humiliating her even more, but to no avail.

In a final act of degradation, just as they are about to leave one of the nasty rapists pisses on Stephanie as she lies curled up in the feotal position. What an asshole scumbag.

Nudity Report — There are excellent views of Stephanie’s magnificent tits and also her juicy ass as she has her clothes and underwear ripped from her body, and again while she is gang-banged.