Cristina Perrier in Delirium (1973)

Cristina Perrier raped in DeliriumA guy spies through the keyhole into a woman’s bedroom. There he sees Cristina struggling with a serial rapist who has broken into her home and is intent on making her his next victim.

As such the scene is watched through a keyhole shape as we see events from the voyeur’s point of view. The rapist rips open Cristina’s shirt, allowing her big breasts to spring free, and continues to tear off her clothes as she struggles and whimpers.

Once she’s naked he thrusts his gloved fingers into her pussy and after finger fucking her he whips his cock out and force fucks her while the spy does nothing to help poor Cristina.

Nudity Report — Cristina’s hairy bush is seen as is her lovely pair of tits.

Shion Machida in Paradise (2005)

Shion Machida raped in ParadiseSexy Japanese actress Shion is on the beach in this scene, but although it’s raining, that’s the least of her worries as she’s being attacked by a horny rapist.

The scumbag has her pinned to the sand and spends a few seconds trying to rip open her shirt and lift up her bra, which he finally does, releasing her firm, perky tits. Shion frees herself momentarily and tries to crawl to safety but he grabs her, lifts her skirt and pulls down her panties.

He then pulls down his own pants as she gives up struggling and lies motionless as he roughly fucks her for a minute or so, reaching around to grab her breasts as he cums inside her violated pussy.

Nudity Report — Shion’s ass and boobs are seen in this frantic scene.

Andrea Feldman in Trash (1970)

Andrea Feldman raped in TrashHot 70s babe Andrea bites off more than she can chew when she finds herself alone with junkie Joe in his run-down apartment.

He decides he wants sex so he tears off her clothes while she protests and flips her on her back. Positioning himself between her long bare legs, he starts to rape her as the director zooms in on Andrea’s sexy body.

Nudity Report — Plenty of good looks at Andrea’s nice breasts and also her pussy just before scumbag Joe sticks his dick in her.

Anne Marivin in Truands (2007)

Anne Marivin raped in TruandsA vicious French gangster terrorises sexy Anne in this uncomfortable scene, violently trying to get information out of her by slapping her and throwing her to the ground.

She doesn’t know what he wants so he decides to punish her by raping her. Ripping off her black party dress to expose her small breasts, he starts to unbutton his pants as she cries. Lying there completely naked except for her stockings, the pretty blonde pleads with him to stop as he kisses her and then violently fucks her, brutally thrusting his cock inside her but only lasting a few strokes before cumming and collapsing on top of her.

He eventually gets up, snorts a line of coke, shouts at her some more and leaves her traumatised and violated.

Nudity Report — Anne’s tiny breasts, hot slim body and pussy are visible and well lit just before the rapist enters her. Then after the rape her naked body is again shown a couple of times.

Magdalena Boczarska in The Underneath (2006)

Magdalena Boczarska raped in The UnderneathPretty Polish blonde Magdalena becomes the object of a friend’s unhealthy obsession when he stays with her and her boyfriend for a while.

The guy has already spied on her naked by the time of this scene and decides he wants to touch as well as look. As a party rages on downstairs, the guy finds himself alone with Magdalena in an upstairs bedroom. When she tries to leave because he’s creeping her out, he slams the door shut and forces her up against it, unbuttoning her top and squeezing her bare breast. He holds his hand over her mouth to muffle her screams as he pulls her panties off and then throws her onto the bed.

Pinning her arms above her head with one hand, he kisses her and then uses his free hand to get his dick out and force it inside Magdalena’s pussy. She gives up struggling at this point and doesn’t resist as he fucks her, her face going blank as she waits for him to finish, and the scene cuts to her boyfriend enjoying the party downstairs unaware of his girl’s violation.

Nudity Report — Magdalena’s breasts are seen when he first grabs and undoes her top, and are also visible throughout the rape. Her bush is seen when he rolls off her after the assault.

Teresa Palmer in 2:37 (2006)

Teresa Palmer raped in 2-37This acclaimed Australian drama about a group of young adults features a gritty rape scene.

Sitting in her high school class, hot blonde Teresa flashes back to a rather disturbing memory of being sexually assaulted. The scene cuts to Teresa being held face down on a bed by a guy who yanks down her underwear and rapes her. All the while poor Teresa is crying out, but the scumbag ignores her pleas and forces her to have sex with him.

What makes it even worse is that Teresa ends up pregnant because of the rape.

Nudity Report — Teresa’s sexy ass is shown during her struggle as the rapist pulls her panties off.