Virginie Ledoyen in The Backwoods (2006)

Virginie Ledoyen raped in The BackwoodsSexy French beauty Virginie finds herself in trouble in this European horror movie.

A couple of baddies have broken into the holiday cabin she’s sharing with some friends. While one ransacks the place the other takes a shine to Virginie and, wielding a knife, rips open her shirt.

Then the fat, greasy thug stands behind her and feels up her body, groping her small breasts through her bra, before unbuckling the belt of her jeans and dragging them to the floor.

Holding the knife to her throat he tells her he’ll kill her unless she lets him have his way with her. He bends her over a table and places the knife on it before ripping off her panties and roughly penetrating her, fucking her as he holds her head against the table. She lies uncomfortably still, waiting for the sexual assault to end.

Nudity Report — When her underwear is torn off there’s a quick flash of Virginie’s hairy pussy and as she’s being raped her bra slips down revealing her left nipple.

Selma Blair in The Killing Gene (2007)

Selma Blair raped in The Killing GeneSexy Selma gets totally naked in this gruesome rape scene that’s difficult to watch.

A gang of thugs break into Selma’s house and terrorise her mother, making her watch as they strip and beat poor Selma. She screams as they spank Selma’s butt before bending her over a chair and fucking her. Nude Selma is bleeding as the scumbags work her over with their fists as well as their cocks, finally ramming a wine glass up her ass as their final degrading act.

Nudity Report — This is a disturbing scene that doesn’t even contain much nudity, so you may want to skip it if you don’t have the stomach. However, there are brief looks at Selma’s tiny tits and pert ass to be had.

Tara Reid in Body Shots (1999)

Tara Reid raped in Body ShotsSexy Tara and Jerry O’Connell have different versions of their sexual encounter. While Jerry maintains it was a consensual night of rough sex, Tara cries rape.

In this scene we see a flashback from Tara’s point of view. Jerry throws her on the bed and holds her from behind up against the headboard, which she grabs to keep her balance. He then reaches around and rips open her top, grabbing and mauling her breasts as she cries out for him to stop, before pulling aside her underwear and fucking her hard. All the while she tries to fight him off and is crying, but he relentlessly rapes her.

Nudity Report — There are excellent looks at Tara’s tits and nipples (before she ruined them with that ill-judged boob job) as Jerry tears her clothes off and paws them during the assault.

Elizabeth Hurley: Sharpe’s Enemy (1994)

Elizabeth Hurley attempted rape in Sharpes EnemyAt about the time when Liz Hurley hit the headlines for wearing a stunning Versace dress, this British mini-series was aired. Set in the Napoleonic wars, it starred Sean Bean and his love interest was the beautiful and stacked Miss Hurley.

In this scene baddie Pete Postlethwaite hauls Elizabeth off her horse and drags her to the ground, where he leaps upon her to try and rape her. He grabs her breast and tries to kiss her as she struggles, but before he can go any further some cavalrymen arrive to stop him carrying out his sexual assault on the fair maiden.

Nudity Report — Postlethwaite is rough with Hurley during the attempted rape and her low-cut dress struggles to keep her breasts hidden. As such both her nipples slip tantalizingly out of her top as she tries to fight her would-be rapist off.

Angie Everhart: Heart of Stone (2001)

Angie Everhart raped in Heart of StoneStarting an affair with a younger guy may have seemed like a good idea for bored housewife Angie at first, but when her lover turned out to be a psycho, she ended it. Or so she thought, because psycho-boy wouldn’t leave her alone. In this scene, he breaks into her house while she showers upstairs and sneaks his way into the shower cubicle. She daren’t call out to her husband downstairs as he’ll find out about the affair, so she has to accept her ex-lover’s unwelcome advances as he turns her around and force fucks her from behind while she quietly whimpers so as not to alert her hubby.

Nudity Report Angie shows some butt as she is raped standing up facing the wall.

Elisabeth Shue: Leaving Las Vegas (1995)

Elisabeth Shue raped in Leaving Las VegasElisabeth stars as a hooker in this acclaimed movie who befriends loser Nicolas Cage. On one of her jobs she’s ambushed by a group of spoilt rich kids in their hotel room who beat her and refuse to let her go until they’ve all fucked her. Fearing for her life she passively accepts the gang rape and the next scene sees her crying naked in the shower as she tries to come to terms with her ordeal.

Nudity Report – This is a gritty scene with only a brief nipple slip from Shue, whose acting is excellent.