Natsuki Ozawa: Zero Woman (1995)

Natsuki Ozawa raped in Zero WomanA nasty villain has drugged sexy cop Natsuki and has her at his mercy in the back of a store. She is semi-conscious and barely able to stand as he pulls up her top and bra revealing her very firm, impressive breasts, giving them a good squeeze before pulling down her pants. He puts his dick in her from behind as she drowsily tries to free herself and when the act of fucking her distracts him, she reaches out for a meathook and stabs him in the hand, making a run for it and escaping the rapist.

Nudity Report — The director lingers on Natsuki’s beautiful tits as she’s assaulted, filming them close-up a bit too gratuitously.

Ana Belen: The Creature (1977)

Ana Belen raped in The CreatureThis Spanish movie features a scene where a middle aged man in a suit kidnaps a young Ana Belen, throws her onto a bed, rips off her clothes and forces her to have sex with him.

Nudity Report – Pretty Ana’s breasts and bush are seen.

Chloe Sevigny: The Brown Bunny (2003)

Chloe Sevigny raped in Brown BunnyChloe Sevigny has her drink spiked by some bad guys at a party and when she’s blacked out from the rohypnol (roofies) they take her to a bedroom to gang rape her. At one stage her boyfriend opens the door slightly to discover them raping her drugged body, but he’s such a wimp and scared of the rapists that he does nothing and retreats without anyone seeing him, leaving them to finish fucking her.

Nudity Report – Chloe’s breasts are seen in this scene when her bra is pushed down during the rape.

Molly Parker: Suspicious River (2000)

Molly Parker raped in Suspicious RiverAn unconscious Molly Parker is stripped completely nude by a bunch of guys and placed on her back on a bed. They then proceed to take turns raping her helpless body as she lies there passed out and passive.

Nudity Report – Her boobs and pussy are visible during the assault.

Chloe Sevigny: Kids (1995)

Chloe Sevigny raped in KidsChloe is passed out in the aftermath of a party having had too much drink and drugs. A horny teen happens upon her and seeing that she’s out of it he takes off her pants and underwear before fucking her. She stirs slightly but is powerless to resist as he rapes her. The laugh’s on him though as what he doesn’t know is that Chloe has AIDS…

Nudity Report – Chloe’s bush is seen as her underwear is pulled off prior to the rape.