Andrea Rau in The Hostess Also Likes to Blow the Horn (1970)

Andrea Rau raped in The Hostess Also Likes to Blow the Horn (1970)Andrea and her lover are making love naked in the back of a carriage when a group of soldiers happen upon them. They haul her man out and start beating him up as Andrea takes off completely nude, running for her life through the forest as some of the soldiers give chase.

She eventually loses her bearings and runs right into the leader, who grabs her and throws her to the ground, chuckling as his soldiers hold her down. He then gets on top of her while she cries out and fucks her roughly, groping her small breasts as he rapes her.

Nudity Report — There’s a great look at her pussy and tits when she runs off naked and then another clear view of her boobs as she is assaulted.