Naomi Tani in Wife to Be Sacrificed (1974)

Naomi Tani raped in Wife to Be SacrificedThis kinky Japanese film stars Naomi as the titular wife who is kidnapped by her own husband and kept captive as his sexual plaything.

Unfortunately hubby is into some very weird stuff like wax and bondage which repulses Naomi at first, but she learns to love it.

What she doesn’t love though is when a couple of thieves happen upon them in the middle of a sex game, knock out her husband and chase her through the woods so they can fuck her. Naomi runs and fights valiantly in a long, drawn out scene, but is finally tackled to the ground and overpowered.

What remains of her clothing is ripped off and the bondage ropes she’s wearing are cut off by the horny thieves, who grope her big breasts and finger her exposed pussy before they take turns raping her as she screams. Her husband meanwhile lies unconscious and unable to rescue her…

Nudity Report — Sexy Naomi’s tits, ass and pussy are all visible in this lengthy rape scene.

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Cristina Perrier in Delirium (1973)

Cristina Perrier raped in DeliriumA guy spies through the keyhole into a woman’s bedroom. There he sees Cristina struggling with a serial rapist who has broken into her home and is intent on making her his next victim.

As such the scene is watched through a keyhole shape as we see events from the voyeur’s point of view. The rapist rips open Cristina’s shirt, allowing her big breasts to spring free, and continues to tear off her clothes as she struggles and whimpers.

Once she’s naked he thrusts his gloved fingers into her pussy and after finger fucking her he whips his cock out and force fucks her while the spy does nothing to help poor Cristina.

Nudity Report — Cristina’s hairy bush is seen as is her lovely pair of tits.

Shion Machida in Paradise (2005)

Shion Machida raped in ParadiseSexy Japanese actress Shion is on the beach in this scene, but although it’s raining, that’s the least of her worries as she’s being attacked by a horny rapist.

The scumbag has her pinned to the sand and spends a few seconds trying to rip open her shirt and lift up her bra, which he finally does, releasing her firm, perky tits. Shion frees herself momentarily and tries to crawl to safety but he grabs her, lifts her skirt and pulls down her panties.

He then pulls down his own pants as she gives up struggling and lies motionless as he roughly fucks her for a minute or so, reaching around to grab her breasts as he cums inside her violated pussy.

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Malisa Longo in Ricco the Mean Machine (1973)

Malisa Longo raped in Ricco the Mean Machine70s Italian sex symbol Malisa showed a lot of flesh in this crime thiller, especially in this scene which sees her raped by a group of hired thugs.

They are acting on the orders of their boss who is bent on revenge against a former pal of his who double crossed him and stole his girlfriend Malisa. He cannot forgive Malisa and decides her punishment will be a gang rape while he takes care of his former friend.

So these four guys grab hold of a screaming Malisa, rip off all her clothes and carry her to a bed for some forced sex.

Nudity Report — Malisa’s breasts are on show as her shirt is torn from her body and they bounce and sway as she struggles to fight her assailants off — a struggle she loses.

Candice Lewald in Gutterballs (2008)

Candice Lewald raped in GutterballsTwo rival teenage gangs are the focus of this horror movie and this scene is set in a bowling alley, where Candice is setting the pulses of the other gang racing thanks to her combination of mini skirt and no panties.

So when she finds herself alone for a moment the other gang attack her. Having been made horny by her slutty outfit and actions all night, the guys relish the chance of fucking her and brutally throw her onto a pool table, knocking the wind out of her. As she lies helpless and unable to move, her shirt is ripped open, unveiling her big, fake tits. Then one of the horndogs positions himself between her legs, gropes her breasts and starts to fuck her.

Candice grips the side of the table and tries to fight her attackers off but she’s too weak. The others cheer him on before they swap positions until all of them have gang raped her in this long scene.

Nudity Report — She has obviously plastic boobs which are ridiculously solid and round, but if you don’t mind that she is a hot lady worth seeing topless.